Leagues now forming for the Fall season.  

League OPENINGS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday! 

Team openings are also available!

          League Bowling is a very special part of the bowling experience. When a league is in action, you are bound to hear laughter, excitement and applause. It is a chance to get away from the pressures of daily life; to relax, unwind and have fun with family and friends. Bowling is many things to many people.

        You may be a better bowler than you think. There is the mistaken belief that to be a league bowler you have to average 200 or better. Quite the contrary! The typical female league member bowls a game between 120 and 140. The typical male league member bowls a game between 140 and 160. Thanks to the bowling's handicapping system, a bowler's individual average makes little difference. You can be a vital member of your team no matter what your average because you will have a handicap score too.

        How do you join a league? Each league is different and has its own unique "personality". Leagues range from very competitive with large prize funds then there are leagues that are purely social with little or no prize funds.

        There are many league openings. You can sign up with a friend or with an entire team. If you are joining alone, the center will place you on a team. So all you have to do is inquire at the main desk and a center representative will be happy to help you find the PERFECT league.

        In 2010, Oakland Lanes hosted its own Tournament of Champions!  By bowling in a league at Oakland Lanes you can qualify to be recognized as our house champion. 

2017 - 2018 League Information

Day of week

League Name

Start time of League


Sunday Night Mixed

5:00 pm


League openings

6:30 pm


Tuesday Church Mixed

6:30 pm


Wednesday Night Trio

6:30 pm


Church Women

12:30 pm



6:30 pm


League openings

6:30 pm



5:00 pm

Form Your Own Team or League! 


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